• Grow Your Audience
    Our team at Moribund works hard to make content worth watching. In Columbus, Ohio, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible businesses to make professional videos that audiences love to engage with. A great story is bound to demand the attention of users and will have you growing an audience in no time! … Read more
  • Incorporating Video Marketing
    Have you thought about incorporating video marketing into your strategy? Creating and developing a message can seem like a large task to take on. But, choosing the right production company to help with this will save you time and finally gain you that audience you’ve been wanting to attract. At Moribund Studios, we keep businesses … Read more
  • Increasing Brand Awareness Through Video
    A consistent message spread across platforms works wonders for businesses. A video will stick in people’s memories and help them remember you over your competition. A branded video leads to deeper engagement rates and makes your business reach top-of-mind when consumers are considering your product/service. Moribund Studios works to ensure an authentic representation that audiences … Read more
  • Creating Your Brand With Video
    The ability to strengthen your brand as you actively create it through a story enhances the audience’s connection, and the brand as well. Shedding light on what makes your brand stand out through video is effective for many reasons. You’re able to share aesthetic, voice, message, and a call to action. You’re also able to … Read more
  • It Only Takes One
    One great video goes a long way. Video gifts us the ability to combine audio, visuals, and story to create something unlike any other medium. For a brand, it strengthens and communicates what they’re all about. In this way, they’re able to share their world with an audience. Audiences are very likely to trust the … Read more