• It Only Takes One
    One great video goes a long way. Video gifts us the ability to combine audio, visuals, and story to create something unlike any other medium. For a brand, it strengthens and communicates what they’re all about. In this way, they’re able to share their world with an audience. Audiences are very likely to trust the … Read more
  • Planning Your Next Video
    As much great content as there is out there, it can be hard to organize your own. When it comes to video, it can get even more intimidating. There’s a lot of planning that usually goes into it, the skillset to put everything together, and the ability to engage audiences in it. But, when you … Read more
  • Video Content is King
    The numbers don’t lie, video content attracts the most response over any other type of content. It’s continuing to grow as well. Potential buyers worldwide are consuming content more than ever. With mobile, you’re able to reach audiences at any given moment. “More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices.” Trends are showing … Read more
  • Take a Chance on Your Story
    Everyone has a story to tell. A story that others relate to and connect with. Social media has allowed us to connect in ways that were never possible before. A story told through video becomes seriously impactful when shared online. You’ve seen all of the viral moments throughout the years, and the incredible brand videos … Read more
  • “Erumpent” – Documentary Short Film (Fundraiser)
    Corey Chiou was born with a disability called Lower Limb Gigantism. It was generally diagnosed. There is no actual specific diagnosis for it. It’s very similar to Elephantiasis, where both legs are enlarged and engulfed in fatty tissue. Corey’s diagnosis was very similar, but it was only in his left leg and doctors couldn’t figure out … Read more