Incorporating Video Marketing

Have you thought about incorporating video marketing into your strategy? Creating and developing a message can seem like a large task to take on. But, choosing the right production company to help with this will save you time and finally gain you that audience you’ve been wanting to attract.

At Moribund Studios, we keep businesses at the forefront of modern marketing by providing high-quality videos. We take care of market research, analysis, and insights to put together a video that demands attention. Based out of Columbus, Ohio, our team is equipped with the tools and skills to take your business to the next level. Contact us to start a project we can get ourselves and audiences excited about

Increasing Brand Awareness Through Video

A consistent message spread across platforms works wonders for businesses. A video will stick in people’s memories and help them remember you over your competition. A branded video leads to deeper engagement rates and makes your business reach top-of-mind when consumers are considering your product/service.

Moribund Studios works to ensure an authentic representation that audiences can put their trust in. It’s about capturing your story and giving people the reason they remember you.

Creating Your Brand With Video

The ability to strengthen your brand as you actively create it through a story enhances the audience’s connection, and the brand as well. Shedding light on what makes your brand stand out through video is effective for many reasons. You’re able to share aesthetic, voice, message, and a call to action. You’re also able to give an honest expression and audiences will appreciate and trust that.

It’s why brand videos stopped being optional and started becoming a necessary part of a business’s content plan. The demand from audiences is clear. These authentic videos appeal to that transparency that is becoming more and more necessary to win consumers over. Consumers are smarter than ever and our team at Moribund Studios works hard to communicate value effectively through video to make their decision to choose you easier.

It Only Takes One

One great video goes a long way. Video gifts us the ability to combine audio, visuals, and story to create something unlike any other medium. For a brand, it strengthens and communicates what they’re all about. In this way, they’re able to share their world with an audience. Audiences are very likely to trust the ideas presented in a thoughtful, professional video. It’s a powerful tool with the ability to engage and hold a user’s attention. Which is why our team at Moribund Studios in Columbus, Ohio is in love with everything about it!

Planning Your Next Video

As much great content as there is out there, it can be hard to organize your own. When it comes to video, it can get even more intimidating. There’s a lot of planning that usually goes into it, the skillset to put everything together, and the ability to engage audiences in it. But, when you create something that you see users enjoying, you don’t think twice about doing it all again.

Reach out to Moribund Studios for help on planning your next video. Not only do we love the process, but we’ve learned how to be effective and efficient with it. Check out some of our work and/or contact us to work together and make something we’re all proud of!

Video Content is King

The numbers don’t lie, video content attracts the most response over any other type of content. It’s continuing to grow as well. Potential buyers worldwide are consuming content more than ever. With mobile, you’re able to reach audiences at any given moment. “More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices.” Trends are showing that users won’t read text all the way through but will consume a video in its entirety.

Marketers notice this opportunity with 87% of them using video as a marketing tool. Not only are marketers interested but consumers seem to want even more as well with 87% of users wanting more videos from brands. So, if you’ve been wondering if a video is right for you, look no more. The answer is yes. It’s what the people want!

It’s not too late to create a video marketing strategy either. With the right video team, you could be looking at an opportunity to not only increase your audience but to strengthen your brand. A memorable, professional video is a gold mine for your content plan. Add Moribund Studios on Facebook and Instagram to better understand how you too can incorporate video.

Source: SocialMediaToday

Take a Chance on Your Story

Everyone has a story to tell. A story that others relate to and connect with. Social media has allowed us to connect in ways that were never possible before. A story told through video becomes seriously impactful when shared online. You’ve seen all of the viral moments throughout the years, and the incredible brand videos being shared all through the internet.

Nobody is out of the club because we all have a story to share. Whether it’s a personal story, brand story, or anything in between. Capture this story with video professionals and you’re bound to engage the people who already know your story, and attract the ones who don’t yet. It’s all about taking a chance on your story and putting it out there to make meaningful connections.

-Moribund Studios

“Erumpent” – Documentary Short Film (Fundraiser)

Corey Chiou was born with a disability called Lower Limb Gigantism. It was generally diagnosed. There is no actual specific diagnosis for it. It’s very similar to Elephantiasis, where both legs are enlarged and engulfed in fatty tissue. Corey’s diagnosis was very similar, but it was only in his left leg and doctors couldn’t figure out why. After many attempts to figure out why through gene therapy, it was assumed to be a genetic mutation.

Corey started going through operations as early as 18 months old. From there, he often did 1-3 operations a year. These would consist of operations for liposuction, debulking, bone shortening, screws, and plates. This was all to help take out fatty tissue and make him more mobile.

Eventually, after considering all the options and risks, he decided to amputee his left leg.

In 4th grade, Corey started playing sled hockey; it’s an alternative to hockey for people with disabilities.

“I fell in love with it. Just being able to go as fast as you can skating and kind of being away from your disability and breaking out of that shell was just really big. Especially growing up at an early age; that was kind of the most freedom I could have anywhere, just playing.”

As years went on, he started taking it more seriously. He began traveling more and going to more tournaments. He was invited to the USA camp and up to now has attended there a total of three times.

Corey’s goal is to one day play at the Paralympics for sled hockey. He’s aiming at the Paralympics in the future and is working towards getting into the development team, the national B team for hockey. He hopes to become a prospect for the Paralympic hockey team for the next Winter Paralympics after the 2022 Paralympics being held in Beijing.

As years went on, he started taking it more seriously. He began traveling more and going to more tournaments. He was invited to the USA camp and up to now has attended there a total of three times.

Corey’s goal is to one day play at the Paralympics for sled hockey. He’s aiming at the Paralympics in the future and is working towards getting into the development team, the national B team for hockey. He hopes to become a prospect for the Paralympic hockey team for the next Winter Paralympics after the 2022 Paralympics being held in Beijing.


Every single dollar donated to this campaign will go towards post-production to finish this incredible film. Up to now, our filmmakers have been volunteering their time and have funded the project entirely out of their own pockets.

Here is an exact breakdown of how your donation will help:

Sound Mixer: $1,000

Colorist: $2,000

Thank you for helping us tell this story. You can contact me at nate.agin@moribundstudios.com

All production was done through Moribund Studios, based out of Columbus, Ohio.

Food Truck Chefs Documentary Now on Amazon Prime

The team at Moribund Studios recently released our new documentary film, Food Truck Chefs!

Streaming now on Amazon Prime.

The reality of owning a food truck is not as glorious as it may seem. The owners of three separate food trucks share their inspiring stories of standing up to the daily challenges of running a food truck.


I’ve always found food trucks fascinating. I would often wonder to myself, 

“What was it that made these people want to start a food truck?” 

I also felt like food truck owners had some crazy stories to tell, soI went to find out for myself and decided to create a documentary on it. However, what started out as a little curious side project turned into something much bigger and more impactful to my life and affected how I view the world. I began by talking with many food truck owners, asking them what they would personally like to see in a food truck documentary. There were a few unique suggestions, but most of them brought up how TV shows and other documentaries glorify the idea of being a food truck chef, or just a chef in general. They wanted a more realistic take on what it’s really like to run a food truck business.

In a sense, I can relate to this frustration. As a filmmaker, everyone on the outside only sees the big film premieres, the red carpets, the traveling, and the award shows. That is only a tiny fraction of what the real reality of a filmmaker is. Because of this, I knew how these food truck owners felt and I
wanted to give them a film that painted that picture a bit more accurately. However, this isn’t just a film complaining about a topic. This documentary depicts struggle and conflict, but it’s also a story of perseverance and prevailing from the lives of the characters.

Right after my twentieth birthday in Orlando, Florida, we began pre-production. I first got in touch with Dustin Williams and his wife from À La Cart. We met up and discussed about the food truck industry and the possible story for this documentary. They agreed to participate and recommended that I reach out to Viveca Averstedt, from the SWEDE DISH food truck. Once I saw Viveca in person, I suddenly remembered meeting her once before. I met her many months beforehand at an event I was shooting for, and her food truck was parked outside in the parking lot. She was extremely friendly and had a strong aura of positivity to her.That hadn’t
changed when I met her for the second time. Viveca remembered me right away despite my introvert nature, which tends to be harder to remember from brief encounters. Later I realized that her ability to remember people so well was one of the reasons she was able to create so many dedicated regular customers for her food truck. In fact, she told me that one of the reasons she refuses to hire help is because one time, a bunch of her regulars were extremely disappointed when they found out Viveca was not the one making and serving the food. She also showed me old cutouts from newspaper articles, covering her extremely successful career in European drag racing. That’s when I realized she was a total badass. Her life story was nothing short of inspiring and full of pursuing her passions. She agreed to participate as well.

We brought on the owners of the Hot Asian Buns food truck as well. They told us about the pros and cons with working so closely with your spouse on a food truck, in the middle of a hot Florida Summer. Later, we worked our way down to Charlotte, North Carolina, where I met Brenton and Tara
Ebersold. They explained to me how their food truck is dedicated to using as much local ingredients as possible. I watched them spend hours prepping in their kitchen and making their menu from scratch before sending the food truck trailer out to an event. Running a food truck business is already hard, but they take the extra steps to support the local ingredients and provide
the highest level of quality food they can to their customers. It was truly impactful to the story of the film and also, to me. Watching them put so much effort and care into their craft was very inspiring. It really encouraged me to do the same for my filmmaking craft. I believe that the best way to make an impact through documentaries is to help inspire the INDIVIDUAL to make change within themselves, not the whole word. That way, we can make the world a better place, one person at a time. I hope these incredible stories shared by the people in this film will help to inspire that individual out there.