Our Plan for 2021

Hey everyone! As we start to head into 2021, We wanted to share our list of video game documentaries we have planned for 2021. 

First, here’s a quick recap on our first project

About Moribund Studios

In 2020 we released a Wizard101 documentary series on Amazon Prime, called Long Live the Spiral. 

We worked closely with the game’s developer, KingsIsle Entertainment, Interviewing the original team as well as top content creators in the community. 

Our main focus on our projects is the community. We constantly take feedback from the game’s community and give them what they want. At the end of the day, these documentaries are for the community, not for us. 

Here’s What we Have Planned for 2021

For 2021, we have the following projects scheduled:

Minecraft documentary

Garry’s Mod documentary

Toontown documentary

Line Rider documentary

Mech Warrior documentary

And a Counter-Strike documentary


If you want to get involved and help us make high quality documentaries for these games, you can join our Patreon! We have multiple tiers that allow anyone to get involved, no matter the budget. We’re thankful for each Patron. 

Algorithms these days heavily favor lower quality and higher quantity. So, this is a great way to help us make high quality, community focused, video game documentaries. 

If we hit our next Patron goal of 100 Patrons, we will let you guys vote for which game you’d like to see a documentary on next! No matter what the game is. 

Let’s make something great for the gaming community. 

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