Line Rider Documentary In Progress

Hey everyone!

We’re currently wrapping up interviews with game developers and prominent content creators for our Line Rider documentary. On Friday we’ll move into the post-production phase. The full documentary is scheduled to premiere on YouTube in late January of 2021! Expect to see an official trailer earlier in the same month.

We’re doing our best to create a great Line Rider documentary that’s true to it’s history and the community that’s grown around it.

Here’s a list of interviews that will be featured in the documentary:

Boštjan Čadež (fsk), Creator of Line Rider

David Lu (Conundrumer), Current Developer of Line Rider 

Bev (Rabid Squirrel), Admin of ‘We Ride The Lines Community’ 

Noah (JealousCloud), Creator of Line Rider Advance

DoodleChaos, Popular Line Rider Content Creator

TechDawg, Founder of ‘I Ride The Lines’ and Pioneer in the community

If you wish to see the film early and watch behind the scenes footage, you can get involved at our Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/moribundstudios

Thank you for reading!


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