Moribund Studios is a small professional
video production company based
out of Columbus, Ohio.

One of the great benefits of working with our small studio is that we offer video services personalized to your needs, along with unbeatable customer service and affordability. We make client feedback and revisions a high priority. This means we allow clients to become very involved with the process so that we can fully manifest your vision into visual reality. 


"I've used Moribund Studios multiple times for lifestyle videos for my brand. They capture the vision I need every time. They are super reliable and their turnaround time is quick. Cannot wait to work with Moribund again for more Ohio Dynasty promo!"
Lott Carter
Owner of Ohio Dynasty
"I first worked with Moribund Studios to shoot a Shark Tank video over the summer and now we're working on big things with #Fryways! They're the best in Columbus!"
Michael Moses
CEO of #Fryways
"Moribund Studios made our organization's first video and it couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you for all your hard work!"
Chantelle Shoaee
Founder of Always Choose Adventures Nonprofit

Check out our blog! We write about our behind-the-scene
experiences, video production tips, and share our
upcoming projects.

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